Unified Management as a result of Cloud on the rise, interesting little pice on joing forces, skills and roles in IT Operations

Research Beat

One of the industry developments we have been investigating recently is something vendors and pundits are calling ‘unified management’. This is basically about breaking down the traditional lines of demarcation between the teams managing servers, storage, networking and other specialist areas. Rather than each of these teams having tools and processes unique to their specific domain (which is typical at the moment), the idea is to adopt a more integrated approach allowing IT infrastructure to be managed holistically.

Some work that my colleague Andy was doing earlier in the year, however, highlights the value of going one step further and actually bringing ops teams together. He uncovered a strong correlation between the presence of a coherent multi-disciplinary team structure and the overall level of responsiveness and performance of IT. This is understandable when you consider that hand-offs, power games and finger pointing between teams is a frequent cause of wasted…

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